Sunday, June 26, 2011


Name- Maera
Gender- Female
Age -16
Sexuality -straight
Species -human

Eye Color - Hazel
Height -5’ 4”
Body Build – curvy, a little muscle
Hair Color/Length/Style –Black hair, shoulder length, wavy left loose or pinned back in combs.
Personality- Submissive…to a point. Tends to play games that involve pushing to see just how much she can get away with. Is often playful but knows when to back off before she gets a beating. Likes pleasuring her Master and loves making other slaves uncomfortable with her antics. ((although I keep it…PG-13, get to a point and time cut!))

Bio- Unlike many who were taken into slavery, Maera had willingly walked into the hands of the slaver nearly ten years ago. At the time she was cold, homeless, and starving. Her first Master had brought her up until she turned 9. She ws fed well sometimes, and starved others. All for discipline, to teach her that it was her Master she depended on. But she had a will of her own as well. Once she was sold she encountered many Masters that couldn’t be bothered with her playful and sometimes trying nature, so she would be sold again once more. Her last Master kept her for 2 years before deciding she was becoming too complacent in his home. To cure her of this he gave her a good week with nothing but water. (to get her thin, he said) and then told her she was to be sent to the market and to try not to get in any trouble. She’d only smiled, though heartbroken and replied that she would try.

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