Monday, June 27, 2011

New Hanna

Name - Hanna
Gender - Female
Age - 17
Sexuality - Straight
Species - Human

Eye Color - Blind (sort of a gray/blue)
Height - 4' 11"
Body Build - Petite
Hair Color/Length/Style - Black hair, braid, reaches her mid back

Personality - Hanna has grown up as a slave. She is almost always obedient but is often found defending other slaves and trying to keep them out of trouble.

Bio - Born under a rich family, the aristocrats couldn't bear to have a blind child, so they sold her to another family to raised a slave in another city, far from their own. She worked under this family, silently obeying every command and doing all she was told, until she chose to obey the wrong command:

Bare feet; That is what Andrew Deloncray saw peeking out from under his curtains. They were small, delicate, and unmoving. The curtains just barely moved as hot breath met the cloth. He simply shook his head. She was not a clever girl. She had no idea how to hide. He stalked her slowly, smiling knowingly as soon as he figured out the owner of the tiny, shivering feet. He grasped the curtains and yanked them open, hearing the small gasp and watching the girl cower away from him.
“On your knees, Hanna.” He commanded her swiftly, watching as her knees folded under her.
“Forgive me, Master.”
“Shall you tell me why you hid yourself between my curtains?”
“I was frightened, Master.”
He reached for her hair, stroking at first and then yanking her head back fiercely growling.
“What then, were you doing in my bedchambers?”
Hanna shook violently, her blind eyes gazing into nothingness. She was more afraid and timid than any of the other slaves. Still she would not answer him. Andrew smiled. She was so frail, so easily breakable.
“You should not lie to me, Hanna. If you do not speak then you may as well be lying.”
She trembled, nearly in tears.
“I..I only wanted to see you, Master.”
Andrew grinned, but only for a moment. His smile disappeared as he saw the glint of metal in her hand. He reached down and yanked her up by her arm, exposing the dagger.
“You would raise blade against me?!”
He picked her up off her feet and she screamed, crying out as quickly as she could.
“No, Master! Please!”
He growled at her.
“Why would you have a dagger?”
“I- I- I don’t know, Master, please don’t kill me!”
He growled louder this time, causing several slaves and the Mistress Christine to run to the chambers just in time to see Andrew throw his son’s slave across the room.
“Bring Charles to the main hall!”
He shouted to the slaves, causing them to scatter.

Once in the main hall Hanna was thrown at Charles’ feet. He glared down at her.
“Forgive me, I failed Master.”
Her whisper, though soft, was heard by all and all eyes immediately went to Charles, whose expression had gone from angry, to horrified, to guilty, guilty, guilty.
Hands grasped Hanna and pulled her away, but not before she heard Andrew disown his son.

Andrew looked down at his feet where Hanna had been kneeling for the past hour. His son had fled his Manor without a word that night. Andrew had allowed no one else into the slave quarters that night as he’d whipped Hanna. It was the first time she’d ever been whipped in her life and he’d shown her no mercy, never resting his arm until she’d received her twenty lashes.
“What is it?”
She trembled, tears rolling down her face.
“I am truly sorry…”
He nodded curtly.
“I forgive you.”
“You…forgive me?”
He nodded once more, often forgetting that she couldn’t see him. Another man walked into the hall and, with a nod from Andrew, placed a stack of bills on the table beside him and locked a chain around Hanna’s neck.
“You understand, Hanna, I can no longer trust your presence in my home, yes?”
“Please, Master, I would never hurt you!”
“But you would have, little Hanna, because it was the wish of your Master. It still is his wish and I cannot have you waiting here to fulfill it. So I’m selling you. You will obey the free as your training demands…won’t you?”
“Yes, Master.”
One more nod, and the slaver pulled the chain, Hanna stood and followed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mena (yes i know it sounds like Maera, no it was not intentional)

Name: Mena Kymeri

Age: 8

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Skin Color: Caucasian

Height: 3’ 11”

Weight: 60 lbs

Race: Human

Home Planet: Naboo and Tatooine

Class: Civilian/ Youngling

Equipment: Blaster (won it in a card game after she ran away, hasn't really mastered the thing)

Faction(s): N/A

Bio: Mena lived on Naboo with her Mother and Father only until she was two years old. That year, her Father was murdered, for what, and by whom, Mena would never know. Her Mother, Sharti, sold her into slavery on Tatooine in order to pay off debts that her Father left behind. It is there that she worked under a smuggler. Her abilities to read people’s true feelings made it impossible to lie to her. The smuggler used her often when gambling or making trades. Several made offers to buy her away but he saw her as a very valuable investment. When she was 8 she ran away…

(I plan for her to be discovered by a jedi but I haven’t quite written it out yet)


Name- Maera
Gender- Female
Age -16
Sexuality -straight
Species -human

Eye Color - Hazel
Height -5’ 4”
Body Build – curvy, a little muscle
Hair Color/Length/Style –Black hair, shoulder length, wavy left loose or pinned back in combs.
Personality- Submissive…to a point. Tends to play games that involve pushing to see just how much she can get away with. Is often playful but knows when to back off before she gets a beating. Likes pleasuring her Master and loves making other slaves uncomfortable with her antics. ((although I keep it…PG-13, get to a point and time cut!))

Bio- Unlike many who were taken into slavery, Maera had willingly walked into the hands of the slaver nearly ten years ago. At the time she was cold, homeless, and starving. Her first Master had brought her up until she turned 9. She ws fed well sometimes, and starved others. All for discipline, to teach her that it was her Master she depended on. But she had a will of her own as well. Once she was sold she encountered many Masters that couldn’t be bothered with her playful and sometimes trying nature, so she would be sold again once more. Her last Master kept her for 2 years before deciding she was becoming too complacent in his home. To cure her of this he gave her a good week with nothing but water. (to get her thin, he said) and then told her she was to be sent to the market and to try not to get in any trouble. She’d only smiled, though heartbroken and replied that she would try.