Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Name: Leah (she has a middle and last name but no one knows what it is)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Species: Elf
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: thin (no telling exactly)
Eye Color: Pine green
Hair Color: Corn Husk Yellow
Distinguishing Marks: Scar across the back of her neck, not many see it.

Place of Origin: Foraois Bán (The white forest)
Birth Parents: uncertain
Raised by: the Tree Nymphs or the Dryads of foraois bán
Mate: None (although there is this one guy...jk jk)
Sexual Preference: straight

Friends/Allies: The villagers of Lillandril
Enemies: Most Barbarians and vikings

Family (adopted by the dryads)
Mother: Saileach
Father: Cosnóidh sé
Sister: Kaede

Personality/Disposition: Is usually kind to spirits such as fae, nymphs, etc. but is very weary and suspicious of Vikings and barbarians of any sort.
Phobias and/or Fears: being trapped, being defenseless, being lonely
Likes/Obsessions: nature, climbing trees, being among friends, swimming, writes in a journal of all her experiences (has a slight obsession of tearing down and keeping her own wanted posters, afraid someone will find them))
Dislikes/Peeves: barbarians, vikings, nosy people, people who talk too much

When Leah was born, her Mother died. The willow dryad, Saileach, who'd helped deliver her, took her home to her husband. They raised her as their own and gave her much love. She grew up in the ways of the dryads and the nyads (who often allowed her to visit).But Saileach wanted her to learn of her own elven culture as well. So when Leah turned 12, her dryad Mother allowed her to start exploring other villages. For 5 years she explored and learned of her elven history without incident. But when she was 18 she came across a Barbarian hall. Unaware of the nature of such creatures, she entered the hall without a second thought just as she had done in all the other places she'd explored. She was not wearing the clothes of a free woman according to their tradition. She had no idea what she was getting into when the large man told her to come closer. But when he pulled a chain around her neck she realized very quickly. She fought long and hard but in the end, she was taken. She was a very...reluctant slave to say the least. She suffered many beatings and lashes at the expense of her stubbornness. Only a few months after she was captured, one of the barbarians took her to clean his bed chambers in the middle of the night. Well of course she saw where this was going, so she quickly swiped a sharp knife from the kitchen on her way. She let him get her into the bed and waited until he was climbing on top of her to stab him in the chest. She stabbed him again and again until she was sure he was dead. She looked out of the bed chambers, knowing there was blood all over her and took the barbarian's sword from the room before catching the barbs in the hall by surprise, killing them all in their sleep. It may have been unnecessary but at the time, fear drove her to kill every last one. She ran for her life, back to Foraois Bán to her family who welcomed her back with open arms. They had factions of dryads all over looking for her and as her Mother went to call out the news that she was home, her Father called on an elven friend who not only taught her to fight, but gave her 2 swords. Today, these swords are her most prized possessions (aside from the journal).

Unfortunately this was not the end. For it would have been a happy one. When the new Barbarians found their friends dead, they set out to find her. She has since been hunted down by many bounty hunters, barbarians, vikings, and just random wannabes looking for reward. She has, on several occasions, been captured but always manages to escape. And because nearly everyone who sets out to find her ultimately dies, she is called the ghost among her enemies. She came across the Lillandril village one day, bloodied just after making an escape from a viking ship. Still, despite all the signs that she was dangerous, they helped her, for that she is eternally grateful to them. They do not know her story and will only know it if they gain her trust...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Character 3: Hana

Hana is a blood slave or blood doll as some call it. From her birth as a damphyr, when her vampire Mother learned she was irreversibly blind, she decided her daughter would serve as a slave in the family home. She was cast out from this home just before turning 14 for unexplained reasons and now serves under a Master living in the Amarande home.

Character 2: Nayla

Kept as a pirate's slave as a child and escaped to a tavern ((Tavern in the Mist)) Where she met Mist Bane and Arazel ((mother and son)). They took her in and showed her how to be a child and how to be happy. She is older now and a member of the Wallace Clan in the Barbarian Hall ((Barbarian Hall Roleplay)) where she is a dancer under the Prima Chrissy.